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The Summit at Cane Ridge Reviews

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"Told me and my fiance the one bedroom one bathroom would be available for move-in, made us sign everything and pay 300$, tell us everything is done online and is "so organized here". Then after we pay 300 and are on track to being approved (good credit score, clear background check, our pay was sufficient) they tell us "wE fOrGot to tEll YOu The aPaRtmEnt yoU aPpLied fOr wAs aLReaDy tAken""

- June 2022 by Deren

The Summit at Cane Ridge Response: Deren, As it was explained to you when you applied, we didn’t have an apartment available but if an application was cancelled or denied, we would give you a call. Unfortunately, all applications submitted prior to yours were approved; therefore, you would receive a complete refund since you application was never processed.

"As a future resident at The Summit, I wanted to write a quick note to share how pleasant my experience has been so far! Last year when I was very prematurely looking for places to live in Nashville, I visited The Summit and immediately loved the vibe of the associate I met with. He was friendly, answered all my questions and left such a lasting impression on me, that I immediately wanted to tour The Summit again with my move-in date approaching. I was greeted with the same great, friendly, positive vibe that I loved from before. The apartment itself is perfect for me and my dogs (I absolutely love that they are dog friendly and have no monthly pet rent). I love the amenities that are offered. I really enjoying the sense of community (it was very quiet when I was touring), and it feels really safe, being up on a dead end street, tucked up in a mountain but is also so close to the main road that everything is accessible. I have had the pleasure of working with Cindy the last few days. I was immediately contacted upon submitting my application. She was prompt and friendly and made me feel more than comfortable with my decision to make The Summit my new home. Cindy called me 24 hours later letting me know I was approved and would keep an eye out for my preferred unit as my move-in date gets closer. I wanted to take a moment to thank the staff for their hospitality in this difficult time and making me feel more than welcome in a new city. I cannot wait to move in and start my new adventure. Thanks, Summit!"

- May 2020 by Sarah Riley

"I would like to give a big thank you to our office manager, staff and our maintenance team. I know during this time of uncertainty we can count on them as a team and getting things done that has to be taken care of. I know a lot couldn’t because last thing we would want is to put them in any danger to come in our home to change a filter or something minor. I appreciate they are all following the guidelines set for any other place. I see them out every day as I walk working, being friendly but maintaining the 6 ft rule. Thank you all for your part and keeping us safe."

- April 2020 by Angela Griffin

"Service is awesome! I spoke with Brittany (property manager) who was very polite and understood my issues I been having with my bath tub and in less than a week had it fixed and went a step farther and they also resurfaced my walls by my bathtub! Now I got a brand new looking bathroom!"

- January 2019 by Denver

"Great place to live. Maintenance is awesome and so are the people in the office!! Would definitely resign a lease with them!"

- August 2017 by Morgan

"welcome home I have been in the complex for several years. It is close to the interstate, restaurants, but nestled in a quiet area. I have been happy with the office staff always will to help. All of my maintenance needs have been addressed right away even if not considered an emergency call."

Review Received From: http://Apartments.com

- August 2016 by Unknown

"Great community and wonderful staff! I've lived in the complex for 5+ years and have really appreciated the hard working staff who keep this place looking great. Well maintained and maintenance is always promptly handled. The office staff are very helpful and maintenance staff are courteous and very professional. It's such a quiet community even though you're so close to Bell Rd and I-24. Lots of green spaces and trees make it a wonderful place to live."

- August 2016 by Amy

" I moved to Summit about a year ago. For the money it's a good place to live. I wasn't looking luxury. I wanted a reasonably priced place with decent office and maintenance staff in a central location. The maintenance team tries to get it done in one shot. The office staff are always friendly to us. The yard always always looks nice. Our neighbors are mostly courteous. We're close to the highway, but you'd never know it. We're close to grocery stores, gas stations, and most any other type of shopping we want to do. For me, it's working out great. "

- December 2015 by Anonymous

" I want to give 4.5 stars but that's not an option. This is an initial review after living here for a month. As time goes on, I will post another review… but for now, this place is wonderful. Rent is affordable for the amount of square footage in the apartment. The flat rate for water is great. Electric bill in the middle of summer for us was $110 for a 2bed/2bath with a/c set to 72 most days, so pretty reasonable. I can barely hear my neighbors, except for the dog barking across the hall every once in a while, no big deal. There is ample parking for our two vehicles within 50 yards of our front door. Maintenance has been excellent so far and very quick to respond to requests. I have never once felt threatened or unsafe living here. The leasing agent who moved us in is no longer here, but Whitney has been great to us so far with everything, and sometimes I bombard her with emails for stupid questions (my apologies, Whitney!) but she always has a quick answer for me. However I do have a few complaints. (1) The landscaping/groundskeeping is subpar. Not necessarily throughout the entire complex, but specifically near our building. There have been the same dead leaves all over the lawn since the day we moved in and the gutters are packed full of leaves. Seems to me like a fire hazard and a roof leak waiting to happen. Cigarette butts are also rarely picked up. (2) While there seems to be ample parking for residents, a select few residents seem to think they do not have to abide by the rules and park wherever they want - in the right of way, on the curb, etc. It’s always the same cars in the same spots and nothing seems to be done about it. A notice was sent out just after we moved in that illegally parked cars would be ticketed and towed, but yet these same cars continue to illegally park over and over again. It would be nice if the rules were enforced all the time, not just when convenient for everyone else. All in all, I would highly suggest this complex to anyone looking for an affordable, safe and quiet home. "

- September 2015 by Ricki V

"Home Sweet Home The summit Apartments In Cane Ridge/Antioch have been the best place me and my husband have ever lived. Its conveniently close to the interstate but without the noise. The living space is fairly big with lots of storage and closet space. The landscape is beautifully maintained and staff is really helpful and quick to fix any problems. There is a huge pool that's very clean and grilling stations to use. A huge plus for us is a Big garage that's surprisingly cheap to rent"

Review Received From: http://Apartments.com

- July 2015 by Unknown

"great staff clean upgraded apartments"

- May 2015 by Denver T.

"Friendly Staff, including maintenance, janitor and office staff. Good at getting things fixed. I lived near the pool/office area and they are doing major updates to the building in the entire complex, starting where I lived. NEW WINDOWS, NEW DOORS, NEW LANDSCAPING, NEW PAVEMENTS, NEW PAINT, etc. I very much enjoyed my garage for 45$ a month, and the pool. Very affordable for the area although rent may go up with all the new upgrades ;)"

- November 2013 by Jennifer D.
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